Schedule: 2015 Winter Acting Academy

ACT IN THE MOMENT: The Meisner Technique

Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 7 | 2:30-4:30pm | Ages 12+ | Int./Adv. | $140

Delve into the greatly respected Meisner Technique to discover what it means to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Explore exercises in "moment-to-moment" connections, instincts, and spontaneity. (7 week class.) —Chris Harder (Limit: 12)


Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Mar. 10 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 13+ | Adv./YP | $120

Take improv comedy to the performance level! Work with Impulse director Jake Michels to learn the ins and outs of scenework, explore new shortform games, and master the art of fast-paced, dynamic improv. (Enrollment by approval.) —Jake Michels (Limit: 12)

AUDITION PROS: Film & Television (A) & (B)

A: Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 10:00-11:30am | Ages 12+ | Beg./Int. | $150
B: Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 11:30am-1:00pm | Ages 8-11 | Beg./Int. | $150

Get solid audition skills for film and television. Slates and interviews, cold reads, prepared pieces, ensemble work, and on camera techniques come together to help you get the job! Perfect when paired with Audition Pros: On Stage. —A & B: Jeanne Rogers (Limit: 10)

AUDITION PROS: On Stage (A) & (B)

A: Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 11:30am-1:00pm | Ages 12+ | Beg./Int. | $120
B: Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 1:00-2:30pm | Ages 8-11 | Beg./Int. | $120

Improve monologue performance, audition skills, focus, and learn how to showcase your strengths. Create characters and learn acting techniques for professional theater work. Perfect when paired with Audition Pros: Film & Television. —A: Christy Drogosch, B: Signe Larsen (Limit: 12)

BEGINNING ACTING: Character Creation

Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 11:00am-12:30pm | Ages 7-9 | Beg. | $120

Use theater exercises and techniques to create unique, strong, characters. Explore movement, voice, and improvisation in a great class to bring out the actor in you! —Signe Larsen (Limit: 12)


Mondays, Jan. 26-Mar. 16 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 7-10 | Beg. | $120

Ideal for new actors looking for a fun intro to theater. Use theater games and exercises to explore character, improv, concentration, voice, and movement. A great first acting class for building skills and confidence. —Diana Schultz (Limit: 12)


Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 2:30-4:00pm | Ages 8-11 | Beg. | $120

"It’s a hard knock life!" Gain musical theater skills by presenting songs from the hit musical Annie. Act out charismatic orphans while you sing lively music, learn basic choreography, and put together an impressive musical showcase. —Chanda Hall (Limit: 12)


Thursdays, Jan. 22-Mar. 12 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 8-11 | Beg./Int. | $120

Combine contemporary pop songs with classical Broadway numbers to create a unique musical performance (think Glee comes to OCT!). Solid vocal and dance skills are featured in this popular class. Great for beginning or returning students. —Amy Aronson & Rosalind Fell (Limit: 16)


Fridays, Jan. 23-Mar. 13 | 9:30-10:15am | Ages 3-5 | Beg. | $65

Join Portland's own Mr. Hoo from The Alphabeticians as you sing lively songs and learn musical skills. Explore singing, rhythm, and games in this class that focuses on early musical development and performance. —Mr. Hoo (AKA Jeff Inlay) (Limit: 10)


Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 10:00-11:30am | Ages 8-11 | Beg./Int. | $120

Timing is everything! Recreate classic vaudeville routines and learn to create your own hilarious material. Combine physical humor with comedic timing to learn the art of slapstick, punch lines, and making people laugh. —Jay Flewelling (Limit: 12)


Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Mar.10 | 3:15-4:30pm | Ages 4-5 | Beg. | $100

Release your inner actor as you create and perform your own play based on winter favorites, such as Frosty the Snowman and Frozen! Learn theater games, play a variety of characters, and gain acting skills in a small class for fun, focused learning. —Chelsie Thomas (Limit: 8)


Thursdays, Jan. 22-Mar. 12 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 5-6 | Beg. | $120

Explore movement, clown work, and dance to tell stories without words. Learn basic performance skills, imagination, character creation, and creative expression in this playful introduction to physical acting! —Jahnavi Caldwell-Green (Limit: 8)


Mondays, Jan. 26-Mar. 16 | 3:15-4:30pm | Ages 4-5 | Beg. | $100

From Dr. Seuss to Mother Goose! Act out loveable characters from stories and songs using mind, voice, and body. Performance skills, focus, and laughs come together in this action packed class! —Kristin Hailstone (Limit: 8)


Wednesdays, Jan. 21-Mar. 11 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 8-11 | Beg./Int. | $120

Enter the mystical world of Harry Potter! Build acting skills as you bring Harry and his charmed friends to life. Learn to create, write, and perform your original scenes using characters from Rowling’s amazing adventure series. —Sara Kennedy Adams (Limit: 12)


Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 1:00-2:30pm | Ages 12+ | Int./Adv. | $120

Perform numbers from musicals that made it big in both New York and London! Strengthen ensemble and solo vocal skills as you delve into shows such as Matilda, Wicked, and Newsies. The final class will be a musical showcase for family and friends. —Wendy Steele (Limit: 12)


Mondays, Jan. 26-Mar. 16 | 10:15-11:15am | Ages 3 1/2-5 | Beg. | $80

Act, play, explore, and let your imagination soar. Create characters and stories in this lively class that teaches focus, collaboration, and storytelling, all while having a magically good time! —Kristin Hailstone (Limit: 8)

MUSICAL THEATER: Broadway Rocks!

Wednesdays, Jan. 21-Mar. 11 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 11-14 | Beg./Int. | $120

Strengthen ensemble and solo vocal skills specific to the dynamic rock/pop musical style. Perform numbers from Broadway shows such as Hair and Rent. Focus on vocal dynamics and power, harmony, and committed performance. —Jeffrey Childs (Limit: 14)

PAGE-TO-STAGE: Skippyjon Jones (A) & (B)

A: Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Mar.10 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 6-7 | Beg. | $135
B: Wednesdays, Jan. 21-Mar. 11 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 5-6 | Beg. | $135

Yippee Skippy! Join Skippyjon Jones, an imaginative kitty, on an acting escapade. Learn character development, storytelling, focus, and collaboration in this fun class based on the popular book series. Includes 2 tickets to OCT's Skippyjon Jones dress rehearsal on 1/16/15. —A: Chelsie Thomas, B: Jahnavi Caldwell-Green (Limit: 8)

PAGE-TO-STAGE: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Mondays, Jan. 26-Mar. 16 | 4:30-6:00pm | Ages 5-6 | Beg. | $125

It's the Big Bad Wolf vs. Piggsylvania! Join the comedic courtroom chaos as you perform excerpts from The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. Use voice, movement, and music while acting this laugh-out-loud fractured fairy tale! Plus, get discount tickets to the upcoming YP Company production. —Kristin Hailstone (Limit: 8)


Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Mar.10 | 10:15-11:15am | Ages 3 ½-5 | Beg. | $80

Come play, laugh, and learn! Join the theatrical adventure as you discover the stage. Have a blast acting out stories and characters, learning silly songs, and playing theater games. —Amy LaRosa (Limit: 8)

TEEN SCENE: Modern Shakespeare

Sundays, Jan. 25-Feb. 15 | 1:00-4:00pm | Ages 13+ | All | $150

Learn to understand Shakespeare's text, and focus on adapting classic characters to a modern setting. Write and perform scenes from Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, making this classic work contemporary and exciting. Perfect for students wanting to tackle Shakespeare for the first time or for experienced actors looking to gain more knowledge. —Francisco Garcia (Limit: 12)


Saturdays, Jan. 24-Mar. 14 | 9:30-11:00am | Ages 6-7 | Beg. | $120

A weekly "workout" in acting! Develop focus, memorization, and character creation skills. Explore imagination while creating an original showcase of individual work, collaboration, and storytelling. — Chelsie Thomas (Limit: 8)

YP INTENSIVE: Real World of Acting

Sundays, Feb. 22-Mar. 15 | 12:30-4:00pm | Ages 13+ | YP | $170

Select and perfect two contrasting monologues for professional auditions. Focus on developing pieces that best showcase your individual strengths and polishing all audition techniques: slates, transitions, etc. Then, perform your polished audition before a panel of professional directors, and receive feedback. An essential class for actors eager to venture into the professional sphere. Prep work required. —Matt Zrebski (Limit: 8)

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Theater classes for homeschoolers

OCT has a variety of theater education programs to benefit your students. Please contact us for more information.

ONE DAY CLASS: JANUARY 19, 2015 (MLK DAY) Sign up for both classes and get 10% off! OCT staff monitors all lunch breaks, and 30 minutes before and after classes.


Monday, Jan. 19 | 9:00am-12:00pm | Ages 7-9 | Beg. | $40

A fun intro to theater! Use theater games and exercises to explore character, concentration, voice, and movement. A great first acting class for building skills and confidence. —Sara Kennedy Adams (Limit: 12)


Monday, Jan. 19 | 12:30-3:30pm | Ages 7-9 | Beg. | $40

Love to sing? Then this is the class for you. Create and perform your own original song using a popular Broadway number. Make the most of your voice and gain basic choreography skills in a day filled with creative – and musical – harmony! —Mark Steering (Limit: 12)

All classes end with a final presentation for friends and family to attend. Schedule subject to change.

Beg. = New to this class or skill set. Int. = Had prior experience in this skill set. Adv. = Had a lot of experience in this skill set. YP = Young Professional students.
Teen Option = Options for older students